ABOUT and quotes
Harriet Dyer's been full-time at this stand-up malarkey since 2013. She regularly gigs up and down the UK and has been lucky enough to gig all over the world through comedy.

Harriet's done the majority of the UK festivals and big clubs, although sadly the thing she seems to be recognised the most from is when she went on Dinner Date eight years ago and didn't cook the chicken properly thus giving her date the shits.

Harriet's been on BBC Radio 4 Extra numerous times, BBC Ouch, BBC Knock Knock, BBC3 and is currently on the BBC iPlayer with two different bits of stand-up (head to "clips" page for those.) Harriet also co-hosted Jason Manford's radio show on Absolute Radio in 2017.

She's had numerous critically acclaimed solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her favourite being, "Barking at Aeroplanes" which was one of the first to touch on mental health as a subject. This created quite the following with folk relating to a lot of the issues in it and as a result Harriet's done a lot of work to do with mental health through comedy since.As well as touring various mental health shows Harriet also runs the cult hit, "Barking Tales" which is a comedy / storytelling night in Manchester where most of the acts and audience tend to have mental health issues themselves.

Harriet also presents the, "Don't Worry, Bi(polar) Happy" podcast which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean and Stitcher etc and is currently on 150,000 listens.  

For the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Harriet was selected to be a part of the prestigious, "Big Value Showcase" that many of the comedy greats have done so she found it an honour and a privilege to be a part of that.

Harriet's pipeline is currently brimming with all sorts of TV, radio up and comings / general daftness so do be sure to sign up to her mailing list (found on contact "Holler" page) for news on all of that.   

“Dyer exists in a joyful equilibrium, at the point where self-depreciation and a total embracement of oddness meet in utterly likeable harmony… Beautifully, brilliantly weird… Absolutely worth a watch” - Broadway Baby

"Instinctively funny" - Steve Bennett, Chortle

"She's got funny bones" - Kevin Bridges

"A bundle of whimsical hilarity... a breath of fresh air... will have you in stitches" - Broadway Baby

"It was refreshing to see such a vibrant young woman host in an all male stand-up show; Dyer made the audience feel at home and managed to wow the crowd… Loveable and delightful"
– Three Weeks